Outlander season 6: Six stories for Caitriona Balfe as Claire

ClaireWith Outlander season 6 on the horizon, why not share some story ideas about a number of different characters? Within this article, that is precisely what we are going to do by talking all about what’s coming for a wide array of characters.

Given that Caitriona Balfe’s Claire is our primary point of view through much of the show, it does make sense to start with her! We know that she’s smart, bold, and formidable, but she also has the capacity to feel pain and extreme vulnerability. She’s been through a lot already and there are more struggles coming … but what could they look like? That’s what we’re focusing on within this piece.

More of the aftermath to the finale – Even though there may be some sort of time jump following what transpired, the series cannot just push forward in time and not address it further. There are traumatic ripple effects that will need to be further examined and dealt with over time.

How will Wendigo Donner return? – Claire isn’t going to forget about his presence in this world, more than likely, and we imagine that she will clue much of her inner circle in on this man even beyond what she did in the finale.

Of course, more moments with Jamie – This is a given, but the relationship between the two of them remains fundamental to this series. There needs to be the romance, the comfort, and the care needed to show the progression of the two of them. They know that they’re committed to each other and would do anything to ensure the other’s safety.

More preparation for the Revolutionary War – Claire may have to work to further solidify her surgical practice knowing that the war is coming — the metaphorical fuse has already been lit courtesy of the Battle of Alamance and she is one of the most important people on the Fraser’s Ridge side of the fight.

Will she help Brianna and Roger find an even larger place? – There’s no more ambiguity, at least for now, as to whether or not her daughter and son-in-law are going back to their own time. This is their home for the foreseeable future, and we’d love to see Claire do even more to make sure they find a full place.

More mentoring Marsali – We love the scenes that Caitriona and Lauren Lyle had throughout a lot of season 5, and they really constructed a great bond that helped to contextualize what Marsali did to Lionel in the finale. Keep building on this and cultivating further moments!

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