Killing Eve season 3 finale: Show EP breaks down emotional bridge scene

Killing Eve - VillanelleThere have been a real avalanche of emotional moments throughout Killing Eve as a series, but to us the conclusion of season 3 has to be high up there. We didn’t have some enormous cliffhanger this time where the life of Eve or Villanelle was in jeopardy. Instead, the show went with a simple but poignant approach. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh’s characters were standing on a bridge together, trying to figure out their future.

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What did we learn? Despite having an open invitation to walk away from Villanelle and embrace something new, Eve couldn’t do it. She turned back — she recognizes that there are ways that Villanelle is bad for her, but there’s something about her that brings her back. It’s an innate fascination with who she is and they see each other in a way no one else does. Despite the danger and the potential for pain, it’s a feeling that is hard to walk away from.

So why craft this particular ending, and what does it mean really? While we’d argue that there are parts of it that are up for interpretation, we love what executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

Well, I just think they couldn’t get shot again. Or stabbed. Of course, they are on a bridge and there’s all sorts of drama that they could have happened there. I think that what was really appealing was for both of them to have an honest conversation, which we rarely see — particularly with the revelation in the earlier scene that they were both complicit in somebody else’s death. They both did it together, and in a way that’s a good jumping-off point for a discussion about where they are. [Laughs] And also, for Eve to say, “You’ve got to release me. I can’t stop thinking about you.” And for Villanelle to say, “Well, it’s really easy. You just walk away.” They walk away and Eve turns around with Villanelle, and I think what you see in her is she knows that Eve is going to turn around. She knows that Eve is going to be looking back at her. Is that point-scoring, or is it actually something much more fundamental than that? And that’s quite an interesting way to look at it. It’s just a little bit more introspective than before, but that’s quite fun as well, not to do the same thing every time.

We think the other major question is what happens now — do these two work together now as partners with a unified goal? Do they run away from the chaos together? Do they eventually just try to kill each other again? (Hopefully, not the latter.) The big challenge for this storyline is that it was written in some ways like it could be a series finale rather than a season one … the writers have a challenge figuring out what to do next.

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