NCIS: Los Angeles season 12: Our hopes for Daniela Ruah, Kensi

KensiAs we prepare for NCIS: Los Angeles season 12, we’re sure that there are going to be some big things in store for Kensi. How can there not be? Daniela Ruah has long been a cornerstone of the series, delivering all sorts of consistently-awesome moments. She’s smart, shrewd, and can do action and comedy without a problem.

So where else could her story go moving forward? What else is there to explore? Check out some of the suggestions that we’ve got now below…

1. Can we see more of her life outside work? – One of the things that was fun leading into the Deeks – Kensi wedding was exploring some of her friendships. It would be exciting to see some of that play out! Maybe Kensi is on a trip with her friends when she realizes that there’s a situation that only she can stop.

2. Can we see more of Kensi and Hetty together? – Hetty’s great with almost everyone, but in particular we’d love a story that involves the two of them working specifically together on a mission. It’d be a fun change of pace and a way to further cement the connection that these two characters have.

3. What’s next for Kensi and Deeks? – This is inevitably going to be a big part of the story, and it’s hard to imagine anything otherwise. We want the two to be thinking about family, but also how they see the next few decades of their lives going. We have seen some conversations on the subject here and there.

4. What will Kensi’s role in the Argento story be? – We know that this character is poised to be a Big Bad and they have a lot of political power that they can use for whatever they want. We’re interested to see just how Kensi handles a crisis that feels like an institutional one more than anything.

5. How much more undercover Kensi can we get? – In our mind, we need at least three or four really fun Kensi disguises a season. She gets into character and plays along with it better than almost anyone.

NCIS: Los Angeles is currently set to be on the CBS fall schedule — we’ll have to wait and see if it actually is able to film in time.

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What do you want to see for Kensi moving into NCIS: Los Angeles season 12?

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