Outlander season 6: Six story questions worth pondering over

Outlander season 5Let’s face it — we are at a point right now with Outlander where questions are going to run rampant. We know these characters and stories so well, and yet there are some things that have been left dangling.

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So what are the bigger questions we have on our mind at the moment? If you look below, we take on six of the inquiries we find the most notable as we wait for filming to (hopefully) start on season 6 in the fall.

1. Will Lord John Grey return anytime soon? – We know that in the book series, David Berry’s character still has a role to play. Yet, the TV farewell seemed to be one with some staying power, and Berry himself seemingly suggested that his time on the show could be done for a while.

2. Is Tryon now out of the picture? – With some of the character’s other political aspirations, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to stick around the backcountry of North Carolina. Yet, have we really reached the end of this story? It does feel like there is more to explore with this character.

3. How will Wendigo Donner factor into the story? – Just from the way that the character was presented on the show, it feels like he’s being set up as more than a one-episode adversary. We know that he has no real sense of caring for anyone else, and his knowledge of Claire makes him an immediate threat to everyone around him.

4. What’s going to happen with the Revolutionary War? – The Outlander lens on this event is going to be fascinating. We’ve seen a number of great depictions on this over the years (with one of the best being Turn: Washington’s Spies) — rather than trying to make some sort of large-scale depiction of the conflict here, we hope that the focus is a little more instead on personal stories. How are the Frasers involved?

5. Will we ever learn about Young Ian’s time with the Mohawk? – At this point, it feels inevitable and it should make for a great story in season 6. There’s really no reason to wait on it longer than that.

6. Will we learn about Jamie’s Ghost? – This is one of the biggest questions from the pilot that people have been wanting an answer on forever … and it’s not one that is coming soon. Diana Gabaldon has said that she’ll answer it in the final book, so we’re sure the show will eventually get around to it, as well.

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