Blue Bloods season 11: What’s next for Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan?

Blue Bloods season 11

We know that we’re going to be waiting for a long time to see Blue Bloods season 11 on the air — there is no avoiding that!

Yet, along the way, we are still doing our best to spotlight what could be coming for a number of individual characters within the world of the Reagans — we’ve already had discussions on both Danny and Jamie so for today, why not focus on Frank? Tom Selleck’s character remains one of the most important people within the Blue Bloods world. He’s smart, effective, and he’s the cornerstone of most of the series. He’s front and center for much of the promotional material for a reason!

So what could be coming up for Frank over season 11? Why not check out some of our individual suggestions below!

1. How does Joe Hill’s presence change him? – We know that a big part of the NYPD is politics. Because of that, we’re sure there’s a lot that he could have to deal with on the subject of having a new grandson that he never knew about on the force. Is Joe going to be treated fairly, and how is Frank going to adapt to having him around? There’s a lot that can be mined here.

2. How does Frank adapt to the new challenges put in front of him? – We know that this is a show inspired in part by real-life events and with that, we’re sure that the writers are already thinking about how the commissioner will handle issues including health crises and then also police brutality. Sure, the second one has been looked at before, but this is an issue that is widespread — and the perpetrators are not always brought to justice.

3. How would Frank react to Erin running for District Attorney? – There is no absolute guarantee that this would happen, but if it did, we’d absolutely be curious to explore what the aftermath would be. Certainly he would be rather proud of her, but would his presence as commissioner help or hurt her? It’s a tricky position to be in as a high-level official when you have a daughter who is also a high-level official.

4. Will we ever dive into Frank’s love life again? – There have been some brief attempts to examine this here and there over the years but in season 10, it wasn’t really a focus at all. While we understand the interest in exploring these sides of Danny Reagan’s life, we don’t want to see Frank forgotten about along the way. We just think it benefits the show to demonstrate that people of all ages can still find love.

What do you want to see for Frank Reagan coming on Blue Bloods season 11?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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