Better Call Saul: Will Rhea Seehorn finally get Emmy love for season 5?

Better Call Saul season 5Better Call Saul has been one of those close-call shows like no other when it comes to the Primetime Emmy Awards. While it’s managed to secure nominations over the years, it’s yet to have that waterfall of wins that Breaking Bad did. Some of this could be to its at-times lighter tone, but it may also just be a bias against prequels/sequels/spin-offs getting anywhere near the love of the original.

Yet, this show does continue to get better and better, and we’re sure that for season 5, there is going to be plenty of love coming its way. A series nomination feels likely, as is a nod for Bob Odenkirk as a lead actor. Jonathan Banks is a strong contender for Supporting Actor, a category he’s been nominated in many times without a victory to his name for playing Mike Ehrmantraut.

Then, there are questions about Rhea Seehorn. While Better Call Saul and its cast have long been snubbed for wins, Rhea has been snubbed for nominations outright. She’s yet to be nominated for a Golden Globe, as well. What gives with this? It remains an enigma, given that Kim Wexler may be one of the most fully-formed characters within the entire Breaking Bad universe. She’s intelligent, driven, but also struggling mightily with the notion of what other people think she should be as opposed to what she is.

Season 5 could be viewed as an unraveling of Kim, given that she left her job and the stability that came with it for a more adventurous career (if you want to put it that way) helping those who sorely need it. In other ways, though, it was an awakening. She knows that she’s great at her job, but she doesn’t want to just waste those skills with Mesa Verde. She defused the situation with Lalo, and she fired right back at Hamlin. Did she take it too far with her conversation with Jimmy at the end of the finale? That’s a separate discussion altogether, but we’re left with a lot of ways to interpret it.

One thing that does require no interpretation: Seehorn gave the performance of her career in season 5. There were so many layers, humor, darkness, and awesome moments aplenty. You could feel Kim’s frustration, what she saw in Jimmy, and yet what also made her different. We’ve long felt like there was motivation enough for a Supporting Actress nod, but this time around, it feels like a current. It’s moving in the right direction and hopefully, later this summer, it will get there.

It’s true that for now, we don’t know how the Emmys are going to happen. Yet, they still are, and Seehorn better be one of the names that shows up in her category.

Do you think Rhea Seehorn should get an Emmy nomination for Better Call Saul season 5?

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