Outlander – Emmy Watch: Can Sam Heughan get Best Actor nod?

Jamie FraserWelcome back to another edition of Outlander – Emmy Watch! This is a week-long series where we are going through and detailing the odds of certain performers (and the show itself!) in some various categories.

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For today’s article, we’re zeroing in on the category of Actor in a Drama Series, with our big question being a fairly simple one: Is it possible that Sam Heughan can get that long-deserved nod? We’ve felt for years now that he’s been snubbed, but he is coming off of a season now with some powerful performances that showcase his full capacity as an actor.

The competition – 2020 seems to be very much the year of Succession, and with that both Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong are going to be strong contenders for this category. Both of them are near-locks, and then the same goes for Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul and Jason Bateman of Ozark. Once you get past them, Billy Porter of Pose is still going to be a strong contender, and you can’t rule out Sterling K. Brown of This Is Us or even Sam’s former co-star in Tobias Menzies, this time for The Crown.

The case for it – While Sam showcases a great deal of heart, passion, and power throughout the season, his performance in episode 7 (“The Ballad of Roger Mac,” otherwise known as the Battle of Alamance) is at another level. You see Jamie as a leader, but also see so much of that side of him fade away amidst the tragedy of losing Murtagh. It is heart-wrenching and sorrowful and a perfect showcase of why we watch Outlander — to feel things and understand the hardships of this world.

What’s going against it? – Sometimes, it’s about timing, and because of the Succession duo and the hoopla around that show right now, it does make the field a little more challenging for Sam this year. We’ve said this before, but we do also think that Sam is often overlooked because the focus for coverage is often put too much on his appearance and not enough on the quality of his work. He also has a number of incredible moments spread throughout the season, and sometimes it can be tricky for viewers to focus on all of them. (In our mind still, episode 7 is his strongest overall.)

Does Sam have a chance? – Like with the series itself, Sam is probably a darkhorse contender — we want him to be nominated, and we do think he’s probably one of 12-14 performers vying for just six spots. Don’t be surprised if he is snubbed again, but hope for the best! Emmy campaigns are also very different this year due to the global health crisis; it’s not even certain how the Emmys will work this year, but safety must remain a priority.

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