Killing Eve season 3 episode 7: Who died this time around?

Killing EveTonight, Killing Eve season 3 episode 7 delivered what may have been the most eventful installment of the season, and there were a number of different reasons for that. Take, for example Dasha seemingly being taken out by Eve after Villanelle being left for dead — or Carolyn having a total meltdown in front of her own daughter.

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Then, there was the question of Konstantin. We spent a good percentage of the final minutes thinking that the character was dead. After all, he had a heart attack at the station and it seemed as though his life was over. Yet, it wasn’t, and instead we saw both him and Dasha cackling at the hospital in the closing seconds. Somehow, both of them are alive … and they each may have an ax to grind with Villanelle. (She is, after all, the one responsible for knocking Dasha upside the head with a golf club.)

In the end, Eve and Villanelle are in a spot where the two of them may think that they need each other once more. Villanelle can’t quite rely on anyone around her — and that’s in part because she’s burned so many of them. Meanwhile, Eve has already been told to stop being so transfixed on Villanelle in the first place. There are clearly problems with the Twelve right now (remember what happened to Mo, the character who actually was killed off over the course of the hour) — how is all of this going to be resolved? Are Eve and Villanelle really the only people who can stop this organization? Or, will they stop each other instead?

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