Outlander season 6: Who could be the next Big Bad?

OutlanderOutlander is a show that has delivered all sorts of fantastic stuff to us over time and yet, notable villains are high on the list. They’re despicable, calculating, and capable of inflicting all sorts of chaos on the cast. Think in terms of people like Geillis Duncan, Black Jack Randall, or Stephen Bonnet.

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In the season 5 finale, a truly horrific villain rose to prominence in Lionel Brown — we knew him beforehand, granted, but there was a whole new level of trauma and carnage caused by him. In the wake of that, and with the sixth season now looming, it makes some sense to wonder now who the next Big Bad could really be. There are a lot of definite possibilities — and obviously, book readers have a leg up.

Wendigo Donner – He’s an intriguing candidate given that we saw him in the finale and he didn’t do anything to help Claire at all. We know that he is a time-traveler, and someone who will probably do everything within his power to escape. Like Geillis, he’s a threat in that he knows more about the supernatural parameters of this world.

Richard Brown – We know that Lionel’s brother will have a chance to have his voice heard following what unfolded at the end of the season — it’s something that Jamie and everyone at Fraser’s Ridge is going to need to be prepared for in their own way!

Governor Tryon – Could he return to be a problem? We have a hard time envisioning him as a major adversary, given that so much story has been played out with him and Jamie Fraser already. Yet, at the same time he and Jamie are on different sides of the conflict.

Someone new – With the war brewing, we have to imagine that some new threats are going to come out of the woodwork. It’s possible that season 6 could combine stories of people like Wendigo and Richard Brown with a few other faces — that way, it puts Fraser’s Ridge in a position where there are challenges on all sides.

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Who do you want to see featured as an adversary in Outlander season 6?

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