NCIS season 18: Three ways Cote de Pablo could return as Ziva

NCISAs we await NCIS season 18, there are obviously many things to wonder about. Heck, we can’t even say for sure it will be premiering this fall. For the sake of this article, though, we want to put the focus on a subject that is very near and dear to many fans’ hearts: Ziva David.

Cote de Pablo’s character is one of the most popular within the entire world of the franchise, and it’s fair to say that one year ago we were all rejoicing when we learned that the character was still alive. She appeared in four season 17 episodes and while the Sahar arc seems to be done, it does appear as though there is potential for so much more.

With that in mind, why not go ahead and present three different ways that Cote could come back? Read below, and be sure to also watch our season 18 expectations at the bottom of this article! Once you do just that, be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and view our NCIS playlist for reactions, teases, and so much more great stuff on the show.

1. Staging a Ziva – Tony reunion – This is certainly high on the list of things that a lot of NCIS fans want, and we know that the creative team isn’t ruling anything out. There challenge here mostly comes in finding a way so that the story and the schedcules align — which is no easy feat, given that Michael Weatherly is the star of his own show in Bull. We want to see it happen someday … it’s largely a question of if, when, and how.

2. Something happens to Odette – She kept the secret of Ziva being alive for an extended period of time, and as of late she’s been working to help train Ellie Bishop. What if something happened with Odette that requires Ziva to come back in help? It would allow an opportunity to explore the relationship between these two women further, while also giving Bishop a chance to show some of what she’s learned, as well.

3. She’s needed for a case – We’re not so much talking about a cold case here, since we think there was enough ground covered on the episode “She.” Yet, it would be rather fun if the show were to explore a case that only Ziva has the skills to solve — maybe it’s knowing the right people, or maybe it’s a certain talent she’s acquired over the years that no one else can do. After Gibbs and the team did their part to help Ziva at the end of last season,

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