Homecoming season 3: Is it renewed, canceled at Amazon?


Will there be a Homecoming season 3 on Amazon at some point in the future? Following the premiere of season 2, it definitely feels fair to wonder about that very thing.

Yet, of course Amazon is keeping some of their cards close to the vest right now — there’s no reason to rush into anything! It remains to be seen, after all, just how well this show is going to fare this time around. A significant amount of time has passed since season 1 launched, and this time around there is no Julia Roberts to lure people in. The awesome Janelle Monae (pictured above) is on board this around alongside returning star Stephan James, and many of the themes from the first season still do remain.

So what is there to hope for in regards to the future? While nothing is confirmed, we do at least know the creative team is open to expanding this world further. Speaking via Digital Spy, here is what showrunners Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg had to say on this subject:

“Each season, we’re widening out a circle and then there’s whole new ways to go … So yeah, we have plenty of ideas for a third season.

“We want you to have that feeling every time of thinking, ‘They told me a full story, they are not withholding something from me. But I enjoy this enough that I would spend some more time in this world … Part of the magic trick for us is to tell what feels like this whole complete story and then when we go into the next part of the story, show you where the trap door was. There would hopefully be this feeling of satisfaction and that you didn’t know everything that first time.”

In other words, there may be some ideas for season 3 planted within season 2 already … you may have to just dive in and look for them, or at least come up with your own interpretation for what they mean.

Amazon will likely make a firm decision on Homecoming season 3 — we’ll have some more for you on that subject the moment that it is available.

Do you want to see Homecoming renewed for season 3 at Amazon?

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