Magnum PI season 3: Will there still be Hawaii Five-0 cameos?

Magnum PIWe know that a Magnum PI season 3 is slated to come onto CBS this fall — or, at least that is the hope if filming allows. We also know that the show is going to be in the Hawaii Five-0 timeslot on a full-time basis now.

So, of course, we are still left to wonder this: How much of a Hawaii Five-0 presence will there be? Through man episodes of Magnum season 2, we had a chance to see appearances from the likes of Taylor Wily (Kamekona), Ian Anthony Dale (Adam), and Kimee Balmilero (Noelani). That’s without even thinking about the crossover! These appearances did help to further enrich this world, and give us a reminder that the Task Force was still a part of it.

How about for the future now? We know that there’s going to be an interest on the show’s part in doing it — we think everyone understands the love that is out there for Five-0 among the cast, crew, and production staff. It may mostly come down to a couple of different factors — is there the right story for a cameo, and is the given actor in question able to come on board. There are some actors from Hawaii Five-0 who are fairly local, whereas others are not. Duke, Kamekona, and Noelani are probably the easiest characters to imagine turning up here and there, but nothing is assured.

As for everyone else, we hope that we can at least get another appearance or two from Katrina Law given the dynamic between Quinn and Rick on the crossover. Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be nice to get some sort of a Junior – Tani update? The two got together, but we still do have question marks. The big question to us is whether or not the show will ever clue us in on Steve McGarrett’s own future after leaving the island in the finale — it’s hard, since you don’t want anyone to have an expectation he’ll be on the show. You also want to preserve that show’s ending. Yet, getting him for an episode would be absolute gold and has to be high on many people’s wishlist.

For now, we’re expect to see more Magnum PI just for the show itself. We definitely want cameos, but we have to take them as they come.

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