Should MacGyver season 5 introduce a new Big Bad?

MacGyverLet’s make one thing pretty clear from the get-go here — we’re going to be waiting for a long time to see MacGyver back on the air. There are some episodes that were already shot for season 4, but they may be folded over into the new season. Regardless of whatever you want to call the stories, they are seemingly set now to arrive on CBS’ fall schedule.

So for the sake of this article, let’s spend some time discussing big bads. Why not? Villains have been a staple of this show from the get-go, and we’ve seen plenty of iconic ones already in between Murdoc, the Ghost, Mason, and most recently Codex. All of them come with their own challenges — what made most of the season 4 story so exciting was watching it all unfold over time. It wasn’t just about seeing a quest to take down a single villain; it was surviving opposite this big, deadly organization. That is not a particularly easy thing to pull off.

As for how the show moves forward from here, we’d honestly love to see a combination of past and present storytelling. It would be great if the writers can come up with a compelling way to deliver another fantastic season-long villain — maybe you continue with the remnants of Codex, or maybe you save that for a later date. In between, though, it would be nice to get some smaller villains brought back in here and there. Some of them, like Murdoc, are based on actor availability; nonetheless, we are interested in seeing some familiar faces come through. Many of them are, after all, still alive and out there.

So what does any good MacGyver villain need? A master plan, for starters, but then also a compelling reason why they do what they do. It also helps if there is a fantastic rapport that they are able to form with the heroes — they don’t need to be friendly, but we do think that it’s important that there is a certain degree of charisma there.

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