‘Glee’ season 4 review: Grease fever hits McKinley High

GleaseMr. Schuester announces to the Glee club that he is taking a leave of absence for the next few weeks and won’t be there for the Glee club during sectionals, so he has asked Finn to step in and help Glee club. Sue finds out about Finn taking over Glee club and throws a massive fit, but because it’s an extracurricular activity she doesn’t have much of a say on who takes over while Mr. Schuester is gone.  Finn tries apologizing to Sue, but she’s doing everything she can to make his life as miserable as possible and books the auditorium for the next few weeks so he has no where to rehearse. Finn brings the boys to the auto shop to rehearse for their upcoming production of “Grease”.

Meanwhile in New York, Rachel reveals to Brody that she’s auditioning for a part in the Glass Menagerie with a director who is notorious for being a hard ass and suggests to Cassandra that she also audition and “get back in the game”.  Brody is later offered a teacher’s assistance job by Cassandra, which he happily accepts. Kurt and Rachel decide to go back to McKinley to see the “Grease” production (and Kurt wants to see Blaine) after Cassandra offers to give them her frequent flyer miles to get them back. While Rachel is out of town Cassandra has Brody come ‘work’ with her at the studio and ends up kissing him and he kisses her back.

Unique’s parents speak to the principal and ask for him to be pulled out of the “Grease” production after Sue speaks tells them he’s being bullied at school. With Unique being taken out Santana swooped in to save the day and take over the part for Finn.

Kitty is playing mind games with Marley, by taking her clothes in and making them too small for her, so she thinks she’s gaining weight. Marley goes to her mom for support and she suggests that they go on a healthy eating diet together. Kitty is trying to pressure Marley into an eating disorder and Marley is trying her best to avoid that situation, but with Kitty taking her clothes in even further she finds herself leaning over a toilet and throwing up. Ryder ends up finding Marley and stopping her from making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Later Ryder gives Marley a pep talk that turns into him kissing her backstage.

Rachel and Kurt run into Blaine and Finn back stage at the play and the awkward meeting has Rachel and Kurt leaning on each other to stop from breaking down. Brittany sits down with Santana and tells her that she misses her and that she’s not dating anyone. Santana says she misses her too and that she’s happy Brittany’s not dating anyone, but there is still no reconciliation between them (sorry Brittana fans).

After watching the performance of “The One That I Want” Rachel realizes she missed Finn, so she calls Brody, but unfortunately Cassandra picks up his phone. She tells Rachel that she and Brody have just spent the night together and that she should consider it payback for telling her to “get back in the game” and that it’s her fault for leaving her Brody to go see her ex boyfriend. Finn runs into Rachel in the hallway after her talk with Cassandra and he tells her that he wants no contact between them anymore, that it’s too heartbreaking and she agrees.  Blaine asks Kurt to talk about what happened between him and the other guy, but Kurt doesn’t want to hear what Blaine has to say.

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