Blue Bloods season 11: The future for Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny

Blue Bloods season 11

What should be coming up for Donnie Wahlberg’s character of Danny on Blue Bloods season 11? We’d say that out of Frank’s three kids on the show, he definitely has the most room to explore different avenues.

Think about it for a moment — when you look at Jamie and Erin, both of them have stories that are reasonably spelled-out. For example, Jamie may be contemplating the idea of a family with Eddie. Meanwhile, Erin has a possible run for District Attorney on the horizon. Danny, meanwhile, has pretty much an open slate of directions he could go depending on what the writers want to do

So with that in mind … let’s hand out a few different suggestions! Rest assured, there are no spoilers within.

Will Danny take Joe Hill under his week? Now that we know that Joe Reagan had a secret son, it feels like we’ll be seeing this character sporadically over the course of season 11. Given that Joe and Danny are both detectives, albeit in different parts of the police department, they may at least have a good bit in common. They can relate to each other with their police work, and Danny’s affable nature makes him a great person to help make Joe feel comfortable.

A new nemesis? Danny definitely needs one, given that we don’t really get many opportunities to see Delgado now and we’ve already seen that story go in a number of different directions. Get a big-name recurring guest star and feature them for four or five episodes. Donnie does some of his best work in the most intense situations — lean into that as much as possible.

Explore more of him as a dad – We don’t get enough opportunities to see that, but with his sons getting older he’s at an interesting point. They don’t necessarily need him anymore, but at the same time he may feel like he wants to be there for them. How does that balance out?

Entertain the idea of a love interest – Yet, we do have the same feeling about it now that we did last season. Don’t rush it! If the timing feels right to pair him up with someone, go for it — it’s just not something that needs to be rushed. He’s an interesting enough character in his own right.

Blue Bloods has been renewed for a season 11, but there is no timetable on a return.

What do you think is coming up on Blue Bloods season 11 for Danny?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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