‘Two and a Half Men’ review: Alan faces commitment ultimatum from Lyndsey

Tonight on “Two and a Half Men” Lyndsey decided that it was time to lay all of her cards on the table to Alan when it comes to their future. She let him know that she is ready for marriage and all the commitment that comes with it and that if he wasn’t ready that was fine, but she needed to know so that she could explore other options if he wasn’t ready to go down that road with her. Lindsey also revealed that her doctor asked her out on a date and he asked her for some time to think about it and she agreed.

Walden asks to borrow Alan’s car, but it breaks down on the side of the road, luckily a cute blonde pulls up in a Bentley and rescues him, mistaking him for a broke, struggling writer and he doesn’t correct her. She asks him back to her house and he accepts, but after their time together she throws him out and gives him money for a taxi. Shockingly Walden actually gets another ‘date’ with the mysterious blonde and she takes him shopping in Beverly Hills. Later Walden decides to surprise his new lady friend and to his surprise there’s another boy toy there.  He tries to tell her that he’s really a billionaire, but she doesn’t buy it and closes the door on him.

Lyndsey is quick to follow up on her question about their future and Alan tries to defer the questions. She’s not having any of it and ends up hanging up on him. Alan is pretty sure his relationship with Lyndsey is over since he just can’t commit to her after being burned so badly in his last marriage/divorce.  He ends up at a bar talking to a curmudgeonly old man about his relationship issues with Lyndsey and the old man advises him that if he finds a good woman that he should hold onto her. Alan decides to go to her house to talk to her about the whole commitment issue and tells her that he’s really scared about it, but he’s more scared about losing her so he’ll make the commitment she wants.

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