The Blacklist season 7 finale: Will Alexander Kirk be referenced?

The Blacklist logoWe know entering The Blacklist season 7 finale this Friday that there are a lot of loose ends still out there. It’s hard to get around it! We’ve love if at least some of these were addressed, but we’re going to have to wait and see if that is the case.

For now, though, the one that we probably want examined the most has to do with Alexander Kirk. There was a time when this character was one of the foremost Big Bads of the show back in season 4. He was convinced that Elizabeth Keen was really his daughter, and he wanted to use her in order to help protect him and prolong his own life. Yet, over time it was revealed that this was not actually the case. Kirk eventually departed the show after Reddington whispered something in his air — something that we still do not know to this day.

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What was that? One of the biggest theories out there is that Reddington told him that Katarina Rostova is still alive — given their history together, this could have been the thing to send him off. We know that Katarina must have gotten some support for some of what she’s doing somehow — it’s either that or she’s somehow amassed an empire overseas while also still being in hiding. Could Kirk have helped her? Could he at the very least have reached out? These are questions we’d like an answer to.

Unfortunately, we don’t think that it’s coming in the finale, mostly because there isn’t exactly all that much time for

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