Lindsay Lohan joins Jimmy Fallon for ‘Let Us Play with Your Look’ (video)

Late Night with Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon is rather gifted at letting random celebrities to come on his show and do very strange things, and there is no better example of this than his “Let Us Play with Your Look” series. Basically, the whole point of these segments is rather simple: Jimmy comes out, sings the same line over and over again while wearing an incredibly-creepy blonde wig and tights, and allows a celebrity to completely desecrate somebody’s hair.

So who is the latest participant here? It’s none other than Lindsay Lohan! Somewhere, Barbara Walters may be fuming about her canceling her “20/20” interview for this, but personally this may actually be the smartest move for the troubled actress to make. Everyone already knows about her well-documented issues with the law, so hearing her defend herself is hardly anything that exciting anymore. However, this keeps her name in the headlines for something that is at least remotely related to acting, even if the character she is playing is someone who is literally smearing some sort of cream all over a guy’s hair.

As for those tabloid reports that Lohan not speaking is this sketch is something that is “shocking” or “weird,” have you ever watched “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” before? This is what the comedian has his celebrities do every time that this sketch is performed, even though this may be the most attention it has ever received given that the other participants were not tabloid darlings.

Lohan is on a bit of a promotional tour for her upcoming Lifetime Original Movie “Liz & Dick,” which airs a week from Sunday. Do you think this appearance by Lindsay here is funny, or just plain strange? If you want to read more on what is going on between Lindsay and Barbara Walters, be sure to click here. c(Photo via NBC.)

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