How to Get Away with Murder series finale: Prepare for unexpected end

How to Get Away with MurderWe know that there are theories aplenty out there already about the How to Get Away with Murder series finale airing on ABC next Thursday … but has anyone out there guessed the actual ending? It’s hard to say, given that there are probably two thousand theories actively floating around out there.

Nonetheless, it does seem as though creator Pete Nowalk is betting that most people will be somewhat shocked by what you see in the end. In a new post on Twitter late last night, he indicated that viewers “won’t see the end coming.” That’s exciting, but also raises even more questions. What makes it such a jaw-dropper?

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At the moment, we would argue that there are a few different questions that are worth asking once … and then also many times over after the fact.

1. Who killed Annalise? – The promos are already stressing that repeatedly, and we have to cross our fingers and hope that there is something satisfying on the other side of it. We still want to believe that she’s not actually dead and the funeral is some sort of stunt with a very particular purpose in mind.

2. How is Wes alive? – Is he alive? That funeral scene has been driving us crazy for a long time, and we really hope that it is just not some sort of crazy dream sequence.

3. Who killed Hannah? – We’ve already heard a number of fascinating theories out there, including that it could be the work of Frank, Tegan, or even Bonnie since she didn’t want Annalise to make that deal.

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