How to Get Away with Murder series finale: Prepare for ‘horrifying’ end

How to Get Away with Murder is going to be gearing up for some shocking moments over the next two episodes and by the time the dust settles, you better be prepared to have your jaw on the ground.

Speaking in a new interview with People Magazine, executive producer/creator Pete Nowalk did his best to give a finale tease that should produce all sorts of anxiety — and also dash hopes that most of our heroes have a completely happy ending:

“Nobody deserves to get away with murder … Some of them will, some of them won’t. I want people to be horrified by that.”

The basic notion of what Nowalk is saying here is that people don’t always get what they deserve in life — murders can walk free, and sometimes innocent people meet an untimely demise. The very nature of that is, to use his word, horrifying. Maybe the show speaks to the nature of corruption, and also just how dangerous smart, savvy people can be.

We’ve said from the beginning that the title of this show is probably going to come back and play a huge role by the end of all of this. It’s hard for us to believe anything other than the fact that you’re going to see someone get away with murder. Will it be Annalise? Given that she hasn’t technically murdered so much herself, it’s possible … but she has to also still be alive. The mystery around her death (or “death”) is one of the most important things worth noting at the moment. We want to believe that it’s all some elaborate setup, but maybe we think ourselves too much into a frenzy and the real truth lies somewhere within.

How do you think How to Get Away with Murder is going to conclude?

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