Blue Bloods season 10 finale: Tom Selleck, cast on Joe Hill twist (video)

Blue Bloods season 10

We’re a few days removed from the Blue Bloods season 10 finale, and there is a lot of great stuff to be excited about. Just think about it! We learned about the arrival of Joe Reagan’s no-longer-secret son Joe Hill, and that is the sort of thing that could have a ripple effect on all sorts of stories to come.

Now, there’s a chance to get some more insight all about this big finale twist in the latest part of the cast’s virtual family dinner! Donnie Wahlberg leads a lively discussion of a number of the show’s cast members (plus showrunner Kevin Wade) about the Joe reveal, and also how this impacts the future of the show.

In this video, Wade confirms that it was writer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor who helped come up with the idea during the season, and that it took a while to really generate all the right angles for it. There was a time, for example, when no one was sure if Joe would have a son or daughter! Selleck, meanwhile, praised the cast and crew for keeping the reveal a secret:

“It was a risky show, because it [could have] appeared to be a gimmick. One of the things that we tried to do was keep it a secret … I hope we kept it from the audience so that the surprise we had when we saw the final cut [landed] for the audience.”

It’s very much true that Blue Bloods has some of the best secret-keepers in the business. Just think about it this way — these are people who kept Jamie and Eddie’s engagement under wraps forever, just as they did what happened with Linda seasons ago.

This is a fun video and it’s great that the cast all did this — after all, they break down just how intimidating joining that family dinner table can be!

What do you want to see when it comes to Blue Bloods moving forward?

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

Photo: CBS

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