Station 19 season 3 episode 15 promo: Who’s getting shot?

Ben WarrenAs we approach Station 19 season 3 episode 15 on ABC this coming Thursday, it’s becoming very apparent the high level of danger. A hostage situation is going to unfold right on board an ambulance, and it’s something that could lead Ben, Jackson and Emmett to all be in a great deal of danger.

Could one of these three characters actually die? We hope not, mostly because of one simple fact: We’ve already seen a ton of characters get killed off within this world. We don’t really need to add a ton of other ones to the likes of Ryan and Captain Pruitt. That’s especially true for Jackson, mostly because it would be incredibly crummy to see a Grey’s Anatomy character be killed off on the spin-off show rather than the one he typically is on. (Granted, Jackson’s been on Station 19 so much as of late that he is practically a recurring character.)

While it feels like Ben’s going to be rather preoccupied dealing with this crisis at the moment, we do anticipate another storyline coming home to roost before too long. Just think about his desperation now to try and take Dixon down a peg. He’s figured out how much this guy is dabbling in corruption and because of that, he wants to be able to do something about it! The unfortunate truth is that doing that is going to be easier said than done. Someone who is this powerful has probably figured out a way already to cover some of his tracks, especially since he knows that Ben has quite the specific opinion of him.

Given that there are a couple of episodes still to go in Station 19 this season, we would imagine that we’ll see a little bit of a slow-burn with Ben vs. Dixon this Thursday. If it’s not resolved then, it’s possible that this could become a big part of the already-announced season 4. (At least there’s nothing to be worried about there, right?)

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