MacGyver season 4 episode 12 video: Gwen tells Mac shocking news

MacGyverComing up on MacGyver season 4 episode 12 tonight, you’re going to see a plan for “world salvation” — or, at least as presented by Mac’s “Auntie Gwen.”

In the sneak peek below, you can see Lucas Till’s character having a conversation with Gwen, one where she makes a pretty shocking declaration — that it was the government that was responsible for the death of his mother rather than cancer. Gwen’s claimed that she is trying to rebuild the world with an elaborate plan — one that is really Mac’s mother’s plan — and she could use his help to finish the job.

The problem? This plan could lead to the deaths of more people than any other event in human history. There’s certainly a good incentive to run from this as fast as humanly possible. Yet, we know that Gwen can be influential, and if it turns out that there is truth to some of her claims in regards to Mac’s mom, maybe that does allow him to have a different perspective.

We know within this episode, you are going to be seeing Mac and Riley seemingly join Codex — that’s according to the official synopsis that is out there. Yet, there’s a pretty-big question that remains here — are they joining it because they really want to, or are they joining it because they think that this somehow holds the key to stopping it? We can easily envision Mac and Riley going the route of double-agent, or maybe this is what we’re hoping for out of sheer hope that they don’t turn to the dark side.

No matter what they’re doing, we think you’ve got a pretty substantial reason at the moment to check out this MacGyver episode — especially live. We haven’t got that season 5 renewal as of yet! (Granted, we are pretty confident that it’s going to happen.)

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