‘True Blood’ season 6: Sookie’s love interest revealed! Is it Bill or Eric?

“True Blood” season 5 is really one of the only times where Sookie Stackhouse did not entirely have a romantic subplot; instead, all we really had was a one-episode makeout session with Alcide Herveaux that ended when Eric glamoured him in order to ensure that he never remembers it happening.

Since Alcide’s feelings have yet to come back, we are now casting our attention in a completely different direction … and with an entirely new person. Multiple sources have confirmed that “EastEnders” actor Rob Kazinsky has been booked for all of season 6 as Ben, a fairy who not only gets close to Anna Paquin’s character over the course of season 6, but also helps her and Jason try and uncover just what happened to her parents at the hands of the mysterious Warlow.

With filming for “True Blood” season 6 delayed until early next year thanks to Paquin’s recent pregnancy, the show has been able thus far to avoid revealing too many details about what to expect. All we do know is that the Stackhouse family history will go under the microscope, Eric will have to contend with stopping the new vampire god known as Bill, and hopefully we will see whether or not Pam and Tara really dive into any sort of real relationship after what we saw from the during the final episodes of the show this past summer.

There is no firm premiere date just yet for the new season, but you will probably see “True Blood” back on HBO again, as per the custom, at some point in June … even if the season is only ten episodes long this time.

What do you think about Sookie getting a love interest that is not a vampire or a werewolf for a change?

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