‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ spoilers: A twist for Kit and Grace

If you love all things Kit on “American Horror Story: Asylum” and it’s hard not to given just how fascinating Evan Peters’ character is, then you will be very interested by some of the news that is coming out today.

According to a brand-new report coming in via E! News, Wednesday night’s new episode of the show is going to end up bringing Kit and Grace somehow closer together than ever, and it could happen in a rather unusual way: Grace getting the opportunity to meet the accused killer’s wife. Of course, we know the question that is on the tip of your tongue now: isn’t this woman dead? The answer here is yes (at least based on what we know), which means that the meeting between the two characters is going to happen under some rather unusual circumstances.

The craziest part about this scoop as that as strange as it seems, it may still not be the weirdest thing that we find out about during this episode. Not only are we set to learn more about Arden’s backstory supposedly working as a doctor for the SS during Nazi Germany, but we should also gain some more insight into the ever-mysterious character of “Anne Frank,” who first blew the lid off of the doctor’s reputation to begin with. We know that this is one woman Arden wants dead probably more so than any other, but the question now is whether or not he can do it in a way that keeps him from coming under suspicion. Given that the accusations are already out there, he is pretty clearly going to be a suspect.

What are you the most interested to see with this episode?

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