Homeland season 8 episode 11: Who is Saul’s asset in Russia?

Homeland season 7 episode 2Homeland season 8 episode 11 proved to be the penultimate one of the entire series’ run, and it posed a number of big questions. Throughout most of it, this one was fairly simple — who was the person Saul had in Russia? Who was the source that could potentially get him precisely what he wanted? This was all about getting the black box and proving further what really happened in the helicopter crash, but getting this was so much easier said than done for a wide array of reasons.

In the end, what we realized is what we’ve often realized — the truth is hiding somewhere within plain sight. Saul’s contact within Russia is someone who would be there for all sorts of key confrontations, and that is a translator. This is a woman who has been a part of key conversations for years, and this is someone who passed messages along to Saul in books. It was a clever way in order to ensure he had some sort of constant communication.

Carrie hasn’t quite figured out who the asset is, but we’re privy to a little bit more information that she is. What matters now entering the finale is rather simply this: Whether or not Carrie will be willing to kill Saul. Why do that? It could be a way for her to get rid of the asset, which is precisely what Yevgeny wants more than anything else. Doing this would allow for him to have a pathway to eradicating the asset, and maybe this could be the thing that allows for the black box to be passed back to America.

What Carrie now has to figure out is this extremely impossible choice — will she be willing to take out Saul for the sake of peace? Or, should she really trust Yevgeny and this offer in the first place? These are people who have had no problem jerking her around before, but it feels clear at this point that we’ve got a heck of a compelling tease entering the finale.

This was a heck of a Homeland episode — when the dust settles, we know that no matter how any of this ends.

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