Homeland season 8 episode 11: Can Carrie get the flight recorder back?

Homeland season 8 episode 11 is arriving on Showtime this weekend, and we don’t have to tell you just how big this is going to be. We’re inching ever closer to the big send-off to this series, and it is very much clear what Carrie and Saul need — the flight recorder. It’s one of their only keys to salvation, and it is the only way to potentially prevent widespread global carnage.

Herein lies the problem — it doesn’t seem like there is any easy way to get the flight recorder back. There’s a part of Carrie, as evidenced in the sneak peek below, that wants to think that she can tell everyone what she heard in the recorder and that will be enough. Unfortunately, we know already that this is not going to be well-received or believed. The concerns about Carrie being some sort of secret Russian asset are far too widespread and she’s not going to be able to get any real momentum started there — it doesn’t matter how hard she tries.

The only real option that Carrie and Saul seem to have at the moment is working in order to see if they can obtain the flight recorder again somehow, and Carrie tries to push Saul to use any sort of top-secret Russian asset that he has. Unfortunately, Saul claims that he doesn’t have one. The reality is that the longer that they are unable to produce anything here, the more likely it is that Jalal Haqqani will continue to claim credit for a lot of what has gone on here and consolidate a little bit more of his own power. Meanwhile, the more that America will look to act.

Ultimately, these are very desperate times, and this is the sort of struggle where Carrie and Saul may need to figure out a way to be perhaps more creative than they’ve ever been before in order to get some answers.

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