The Good Doctor season 4: What to explore with Shaun Murphy

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4As we await the return of The Good Doctor with season 4 this fall, there is understandably a lot of big stuff to wonder about. Characters are going to be in fascinating places, and we’re so curious to see what a lot of the dynamics are going to look like.

Of course, no story is more important to the series than that of Freddie Highmore’s Dr. Shaun Murphy. We’ve explored a great deal of his life through these first three seasons, and yet it still feels like we’re entering new territory coming up. There’s something immensely exciting about that, given that we do think that there is more to learn and this show could guide us through that.

In the end, what we’ve got for you below are three different questions the writers should be examining whenever season 4 gets back to work — hopefully, we’ll get to see some of these stories play out this fall.

What does a relationship with Lea look like? For most of the final episodes of season 3, Shaun was in pursuit of something more with Lea, but it was always somewhat out of reach. That’s not the case anymore, and the two have a chance to be fully together. What does that mean for him? Is he still going to be the same person, and will the same be said for her? They’ve gone through a lot together and this is a major redefining of what their relationship is and what it could look for the two of them.

We want to see some moments that are genuinely romantic, but we also can’t stay at that same level as what we had at the end of season 3. There has to be conflict still since they had to fit one another into their lifestyles perfectly. That won’t be easy.

How do you explore Shaun’s grief? We don’t know if Shaun will address the loss of his estranged father, but we do want to see more of how he deals with the loss of Dr. Melendez. After all, in the finale he was so preoccupied that he’s not privy to all of the same news as everyone else. We don’t want to gloss over some of what could be discussed here. Think in terms of some scenes of him, Claire, and others coming to better terms with someone who was a mentor and at times a friend.

Will Shaun become more of a mentor? Entering this season, we do wonder if there could be some new interns entering the hospital and through that, a chance to see Shaun take on more of a mentor role himself. There’s a lot that could be fascinating to watch there, since it would add a new dimension into the classic patient-of-the-week dynamic.

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What do you want to see for Dr. Shaun Murphy moving forward on The Good Doctor?

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