‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 6 review: Barney and Robin’s [spoiler]

Breaking up is hard to do … but it is even harder when  you have someone who cannot get the hint that you want to dump them. This was the theme around the latest “How I Met Your Mother” season 8 episode, a pretty funny tribute to breakups known as “Splitsville.” It was a pretty funny episode that gave us some insight into some characters’ insecurities.

Robin was desperate for almost the entire episode to find a way to dump Nick, who was more or less an idiot with a pretty face and a good body. She was addicted to the physical relationship, and it took an injury for her to realize that the two were not meant to be. The problem with this? The rest of the gang knew that once his injury healed, the two would be inseparable again … and the only person who wanted Nick healthy quickly was Marshall thanks to his basketball league.

The fact that Robin was starting to get drawn back into Nick despite taking him to a place that was all about breakups triggered Barney admitting that he loved her, at first as a way to get the two to break up. Then, about midway through his speech interrupting them on their ice-cream date at Splitsville, it quickly turned serious as for the first time really ever, Neil Patrick Harris’ character really admitted to being in love with someone on more than just a physical level.

So how did Barney and Robin deal with this “confession” after the fact? Well, let’s just say that they almost kissed … that is, until, Barney’s own Plan B backfired on him and Robin ended up having to have a “BFF Fun Day” with her loathed co-worker Patrice. So close, and yet still so far. At least there were some other great moments in this episode, including Ted’s ragtag basketball team that has no business being in the gym.

What did you think about this episode?

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