Why did Miguel Sandoval leave Station 19? Pruitt Herrera dies

PruittWhy did Miguel Sandoval leave Station 19 following the events of season 3 episode 12? It’s a question to certainly wonder. Also, there are plenty of reasons why. This is a show that had killed off multiple characters already since the start of the season, this is the departure of another huge influence in Andy Herrera’s life.

Think about it this way — we just lost Ryan earlier on in the season. Now, we’ve also lost Pruitt. Andy’s father died saving her and many other team members amidst a massive fire at a storage facility — he left a hero as opposed to just succumbing to an illness. This is a death that was on his own terms, and one that will actually alter the show moving forward.

But why write out Sandoval at this point, especially when he was such a huge part of the story and such a leader to the entire Station? At the moment, there aren’t any specifics out there about the circumstances leading to his exit, but it feels more like a creative decision than a situation where the actor chose to depart. Think about the creative options here — Pruitt was almost certainly going to die this season after what he’s gone through. The character could’ve made it to the finale or maybe season 4, or died a hero … the way that he would want in the end.

Writing out Pruitt at this point puts the character of Andy in a position where she has to figure out her life, and fast. It’s going to be a difficult, emotional struggle for her when you think about everything that she’s gone through over time. She will need to lean on Sullivan, and of course everyone else at the Station. It means that she and Maya both are probably going to step up as leaders in a way that we haven’t seen so far. There are powerful stories to come, and with tonight’s episode not being the finale, there will be a chance to see even more over the next several months.

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