DVR ratings: ‘Nikita’ season 3 gains, ‘Nashville’ stays strong

The week of October 22 proved to be a rather impressive one when it came to DVR ratings. How much so? Let’s just leave it at this: there are so many shows this week that gained more than our meaningful 45% in the 18-49 demographic that we have to change our criteria a little bit. If everyone is making huge gains via DVRs, they are suddenly a little less impressive. With that in mind, the shows we are focusing on this week are those who need assistance via recordings to stay alive, and also those who still have a reasonable shot of being back for another season. (Sorry, “Private Practice” and “Fringe”: although they each made huge gains of over 75%, their shows are ending this year regardless.)

Just a note for those curious: this week featured a Presidential debate, which explains why “Revolution” is not on this list as it has been as of late. (Data via TVbythenumbers.)

“Nikita” – The great news here is the show’s season 3 episode this week grew an incredible 100% following its initial airing. The problem? 100% of a 0.2 is still pretty bad. For now, we’re sticking with the prediction that Maggie Q and company will receive a fourth season for syndication purposes, but The CW may air the episodes in the off months or the summer, where they are not sacrificing a timeslot to make it happen.

“Last Resort” – The fact that this show is still gaining more than 60% is impressive, but its initial rating in a 1.3 is still so bad that its 2.1 after the DVR numbers is still not that great. Our general rule is that if your show with recording figures is still lower than the show that either precedes or follows you (in this case “Grey’s Anatomy”), you are in trouble.

“Nashville” – Not only is the show still posting a 2.0 rating, but it is gaining 60% after the fact. While ABC will probably take a wait-and-see approach for the spring, Connie Britton should expect to be around for a full season.

“Grimm” – Even when “Grimm” had one of its best performances ever in a 2.0 rating, it still gained 60% to a 3.2. Don’t expect NBC to send this show out to pasture anytime soon given its DVR figures and its difficult Friday timeslot.

“Hart of Dixie” – It’s not the 0.8 rating and 60% gain that The CW probably loves; at this point, it may just be the fact that this is the only show on the first two nights of the week that is consistently drawing a 0.5. “Hart of Dixie” is no ratings smash, but it’s surviving well enough to probably get a season 3.

Also, an “honorable mention” shoutout has to go to both “Elementary” and “666 Park Avenue” for each gaining more than 54%. However, the latter show is still a goner.

Update: “Nashville” has now received a full season.

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