Manifest season 2 finale: About that final scene cliffhanger…

ManifestThe Manifest season 2 finale has now come and gone, and this certainly is going to create even more discussion around the future.

Were there big moments? Sure, and there were also some new questions … and we’re not sure that we’ve got answers to all of them just yet. It’s not so much that Zeke survived — it’s instead how he survived. Right when it seemed as though all hope was lost, a beam of light caused him to come back. He’s defied the death date! What does that mean, and is he even back as himself? We don’t think this is something that saved Zeke without any sort of consequence. That is something that could be revealed next season…

As for whether or not this means that some other characters are also going to be saved from their own future deaths, that’s something else that the writers still have to play out here … and it’s not something that there is a clear answer to at the moment.

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Elsewhere, the closing minutes of the finale painted a rather ominous picture when it comes to who these passengers are, as a wing from the infamous plane was found submerged deep in the ocean. Does this mean that everyone is dead? It does raise that possibility, and we’re starting to wonder more if these characters are all some sort of complicated angels who are brought back to fulfill some sort of purpose … and their death date is really just when they are meant to go back. The Callings may be a way to remind them of some of what they’re supposed to be doing and how they can shape the world.

Yet, we don’t think of Manifest necessarily as a show steeped TOO much in religion — maybe this is too much of the story leaning in that way, but the question as to why and how these people are around is suddenly that much more interesting. Let’s hope that we get a season 3 — that way, this question and many more can be very much answered!

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