MacGyver season 4 episode 9 promo: Is Mac about to unravel?

MacGyverAs we prepare for MacGyver season 4 episode 9 on CBS this coming Friday, you have reason for concern — grave concern. How could you not here, given some of the present circumstances?

Just remember for a moment what happened on this past episode of the CBS series. Mac lost his father Oversight in the midst of an explosion — technically, we never saw the body so there could be that tiny bit of hope he makes it out. Yet, we can’t guarantee anything. For Mac, he has to move forward assuming that he’s gone, and we have to imagine that this is going to take quite a toll on him emotionally.

In the video below, it does feel pretty clear in the early going that he is struggling. It took Mac so long to find his dad and after he did, he wanted something closer to a normal life. They had all that lost time and now, he thinks that this time is gone once and for all. Ideally, it would better if he had some time to deal with this and handle the complicated emotions that come with it … but in the world of this show, that’s not always possible.

The promo concludes with a new, action-packed mission, one where Mac realizes that there are some lives that are in his hands. Think about the burden that comes with that. Think about what he’s just lost. In the end, it feels like this is the most pressure that Mac has ever felt. It’s quite the emotional place that Lucas Till’s character is coming from, and it establishes further that this is some of the darkest material we’ve seen. We hope that he’s okay in the end, but it’s easy to recognize that this will take his toll on him.

Are we worried for MacGyver’s life? Probably not, since the show cannot exist without him. Yet, we are very much worried over his mind.

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