Is Tate Donovan leaving MacGyver, & is Mac’s dad Oversight dead?

MacGyverIs Tate Donovan leaving MacGyver, and is the character of Mac’s father James a.k.a. Oversight dead and gone now? Within this article, we’re going to break some of that down.

Let’s start off this article with this: Wasn’t the episode tonight all sorts of epic? We knew that we would be getting a lot out of seeing Jeri Ryan show up as Gwendolyn, but we didn’t quite realize that she would be anywhere near as sinister as she was. She was highly intelligent, but she was also intent on finding her own way to re-work the world. She was for bold, decisive action, and much of that came through the previously-mysterious entity known as File 47. Gwendolyn is the sort of character who believes heavily in everything that rests in her mind, and she genuinely thinks that she’s got a good sense of the “big picture.” It was a way to change the world … but also a way to change lives.

Gwendolyn tried to get in Mac’s head by claiming that she was hunted down by the CIA, and she was given a new lease on life thanks to the work of Codex. They gave her a way to further her plans. She wanted Mac to join her, so this wasn’t just an occasion where she simply wanted to do battle with him. This set the stage for a potentially-dark turn for the character, at least if he was willing to take it. Here’s the problem — Mac is not Auntie Gwen.

Let’s get back to Oversight now, given that what transpired with him was very much important. When Mac’s father was shot, things were starting to look very bad for him. It put Mason in a position where he felt like he needed to help him, which is really not a spot where the character is used to being. To think, this is a guy who has already been near death before courtesy of an illness but found a way to survive.

As Oversight hung on for dear life, he told Mac that his mother “never wanted” any of this — he also made it clear that he was going to set off an explosion. He was ready to sacrifice himself if it meant allowing his son to better save the day later.

So is Oversight really dead? That’s something to wonder. This is a show that does love to throw some big twists at you, so we don’t think that anything is guaranteed in the moment. We may get an update on that later this season … but we don’t have that.

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