‘The Simpsons’ spoofs Karl Rove’s election-night meltdown in opening (video)

The SimpsonsWhile “The Simpsons” plans there episodes out long in advance due to the animation process, let’s be happy that there are some people still working in post-production until the very last minute. Otherwise, we would not have this gem of a moment during the show’s classic opening Sunday night.

When Bart Simpson went to write on the chalkboard, what we saw him jot down time and time again was a playful jab at a certain Republican mastermind’s massive freakout during Fox News’ coverage of the Presidential election on Tuesday night:

“I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.”

If you recall, Rove scoffed when Fox News called the election for Obama thanks to the President’s victory in Ohio, and even forced one of the network’s lead personalities in Megyn Kelly to go behind-the-scenes and speak with the people responsible for making the prediction to verify that the information was correct. It ultimately was, and the state officially was in Obama’s favor when all of the votes were counted.

This is not the first time that “The Simpsons” has spoofed the happenings on Fox News, with some of their past jabs coming at the expense of the network’s largely right-wing support base, and claims that they only report the version of the truth that their audience wants to hear. Fox News has not been entirely pleased with Matt Groening and company over this, largely since both Fox and Fox News share the same parent company in News Corp. and there should be some sort of allegiance there (or at least a promise to not make fun of each other).

If you want to see what “The Simpsons” chose to do to mock Mitt Romney even before the election, be sure to head over to the link here. Meanwhile, we have also enclosed the Rove meltdown for the sake of the reference.

Photo: Fox

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