MacGyver season 4 episode 8 sneak peek: Meet Aunt Gwendolyn

MacGyverComing up tomorrow night on CBS MacGyver season 4 episode 8 is going to arrive, and we’re about to meet Aunt Gwendolyn. Let’s just say that this isn’t exactly a perfect family reunion by any means.

The sneak peek below gives you a good sense of what Jeri Ryan’s character is like, and she certainly comes across as very sly and perhaps even sinister. What we know is that Oversight (Tate Donovan) had long believed that she was dead, and with that never even bothered mentioning her. Given that her last name is Hayes, it’s pretty clear that this is Mac’s aunt on his mother’s side. She claims that she used to be “used just him,” meaning that she has now somehow evolved. She may now have a part to play in the larger Codex story, and this episode is also bringing back Peter Weller as Mason, the adversary who is responsible for the death of Mac’s friend Charlie.

So is “Auntie Gwen” really behind everything? It’s too early to tell here, but if she is an adversary, she feels like one of those who is of the potentially-misguided belief that every single thing that she does is for the good in the world. That makes her so much more of a threat, given that she may not respond to your own brand of reason. Yet, if you can get her on your side, there is a chance that she may come around to a different way of thinking. She’s smart enough to go with whatever option works best for her.

We’re confident already that this is going to be a different sort of role for Ryan to play, and it could put Mac in an interesting position. This woman marks a chance for him to get to know more about his family, but she could also use that in order to manipulate him as a means to her own end. This is a dangerous situation since it’s so easy to imagine scenarios in which he could end up getting hurt.

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