Manifest season 2 finale video: The search for Cal intensifies

ManifestHeading into the Manifest season 2 finale on NBC Monday night, we don’t have to tell you why the stakes are high. Every character is on the brink of something big, and within this episode, they will all search for answers.

Unfortunately for Michaela, her problems are two-fold. In the first sneak peek below, you see the character struggling mightily with the fact that Cal is gone. She blames herself for it, as her past decisions may have led to him being in peril. Ben questions her, and while there is a lot of anger and frustration, the only thing that is going to change this is being proactive and going out to try and change things. Michaela made a atypical decision when it comes to her past Calling, and this is where we are now with her. She has to find Cal, and then also get to the bottom of some of the surrounding mystery with these “dealers.”

Then, there’s also the unfortunate status of Zeke. The second sneak peek revolves a little bit around his status as he speaks with Olive. Everyone is concerned for Zeke and it’s hard not to be. His time of death is rapidly approaching and could be coming at any second. Is he doomed to go out? We’re very-much worried, especially since Michaela is being pulled in two different directions. Losing Zeke in the finale may add a sense of finality to what happens to the other passengers … unless they can find a way to fix it. However, if Zeke is saved, that may instill all of them with an even greater sense of hope than they have ever had before.

For the final sneak peek, we turn to Saanvi as there is a particular question worth asking here: Is she going to get help from the Major? These are desperate times clearly, and they do call for some desperate measures.

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