‘The Bachelor Canada’: Who is the best choice for Brad Smith?

The Bachelor CanadaAs we wrote over the weekend in our review of “The Bachelor Canada,” there are only two people left who have a shot at winning Brad Smith’s heart … at least so long as he doesn’t pull a fast one and suddenly decide that he wants Chantelle or Kara to come back into his life. (We wish.)

Instead, the two contestants who are left are some of the more polarizing ones this season. From one standpoint, we have a woman in Whitney Lee who is easily getting Courtney Robertson comparisons thanks to the way in which she is viewing this show as a competition more so than just a chance at romance. Meanwhile, you also have Bianka Kamber, who came off extremely shy and at times cold early on this season, though she later opened up and proved to be someone fairly genuine.

So who is the better choice for Brad? We are totally armchair quarterbacking this as someone viewing at home, and we can only base it based on what we have seen. Nonetheless, let’s make some picks anyway!

Whitney – Could Whitney be a very nice girl at heart? Sure. She may be acting overly aggressive as a way to compensate for the fact that she has some sort of insecurity where she¬†needs¬†to feel as though she is the winner … not just because she wants to be. The truth here is that she will probably be the person Brad picks, since it’s been obvious from day one that he’s been completely smitten with her. It may also be the riskier choice based on how he may or may not feel about some of what we have seen of Whitney since the show started to actually air.

Bianka – At first our concern was that Bianka was just looking for more fame after her relationship with Kris Humphries went awry, but she does at least seem to be pretty genuine about her feelings for Brad at this point. As for what is standing in her way, it’s the age-old problem of not getting to spend as much time with Brad as Whitney has, and her relationship may not be as far along.

Who do you think is the better choice for our Canadian “Bachelor”? If you want some more scoop on Sean Lowe’s season of “The Bachelor,” be sure to head on over to the link here.

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