Is Nicholas Gonzalez leaving The Good Doctor; is Neil Melendez dead?

MelendezIs Nicholas Gonzalez leaving The Good Doctor following the events of tonight’s season 3 finale? Entering the episode, we were worried. Very worried.

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At the start of the episode, we did have a little bit of hope over the future of Dr. Melendez, mostly because he did arrive at the hospital alive and talking to Claire. Yet, at the same time we were hoping that he would find a way to pull through. It made sense to have him recover, just because he’s such an integral part of this story. Yet, our principal concern was that we were going to lose someone entering the finale, and his fate was the one most hanging in the balance. It could, after all, be a red herring. When he was given his options concerning abdominal surgery, our reason for concern did rise up a little.

The storyline for Melendez within this episode took a little time to get off the ground, mostly because we were spending so much time with Shaun trying to help his patient. When we revisited him, he was still in bed, having a conversation with Claire and reflecting on his past. He also told her that he wasn’t afraid to die, and when he said goodbye to her, it really felt like our worry was through the roof.

Things go from bad to worse – The St. Bonaventure staff eventually came to a shocking conclusion: There may be no saving Melendez. Even the best-case scenario meant an extremely difficult life for him, one that almost felt impossible. Neil was starting to accept that there was no way out on this. His scene with Lim was phenomenal, and there was something we appreciated about the farewell that he had with Glassman. It was frank at times and even contained a little bit of humor. Then, he had a proper farewell with Claire that showed that the two did love each other. The “I Love You” in the title was a reference to the two of them.

Melendez’s actual death came after that. We didn’t think that it would happen, but it did. He’s gone.

As for Shaun, he was able to save his patient, though it took some inventive thinking and a willingness to cut off a leg. Then, Lea kissed Shaun and told him that she loved him with all of her heart. She realized through all of this what he means to her.

Oh, and is Dr. Park also leaving? We’re left to wonder that…

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