Ink Master interview: Jessa Bigelow opens up about show experience

Jessa BigelowLike everyone else on Ink Master season 13, Jessa Bigelow found herself having a unique experience. She was on Team East, which recovered from some early setbacks to have a strong run for much of the competition. She produced some great work, and made it fairly far before being eliminated earlier this month.

So what does Jessa have to say about the team environment, her teammates, and a whole lot more? Check out what she had to say in the interview below!

Jessica Carter – How would you describe your experience looking back?

Jessa Bigelow – Looking back my experience with Ink Master was definitely a learning experience. I wasn’t expecting a team aspect going into it, but it ended up benefiting me in the long run. I learned a lot from my teammates and it was an extra support system during stressful times.

Is there anything you’d change about your final tattoo in retrospect?

My final tattoo should have been much better. That is not the standard of work I hold myself to. Prior to the tattoo I considered backing out of the competition as I was very sick with a fever and vomiting between filming. Not only was I sick but my final canvas really wasn’t feeling well and was also taking breaks sick in the bathroom. We only got two hours of tattooing in there with many breaks. There are a million ways I wish I could’ve finished the tattoo however that just wasn’t how the cookie crumbled for me.

Team East stuck around for a while when it was you, Jimmy, and K. What made that group so strong?

Team east of Jimmy, K, and myself lost two teammates very early on. I think part of what helped us stay strong together was building a strong team bond that centered around trust. If we needed a second opinion we felt comfortable asking each other. We encouraged drawing together. We encouraged each other to take our time and run through each others work with a fine-toothed comb. In addition to drawing / tattooing together I think we also had a very open dialogue for anyone’s doubts, stresses, and excited moments. I think the more you can open up and trust your team the stronger you’ll be. We understood any shortcomings we might’ve had and tried to power through them.

Was doing this show at all what you expected?

I expected that doing this show would be a bit easier. I thought the subject matter and styles of tattooing would be the challenges but it turns out everything feels unfamiliar. My machines felt different in my hands, I felt like the craft I do every single day was a whole new thing to me. I was almost rattling being so familiar with tattooing and then feeling like I was second guessing myself and all the decisions I was making throughout the show.

What did you learn about yourself through this whole process?

Through this process I learned that I absolutely value not having a time constraint on drawing or tattooing in my own shop! haha! Seriously though I learned that I can push through my most uncomfortable moments and come out stronger. I learned that even when I wanted to quit and it felt impossible and exhausting, sticking to it and getting the job done was best in the long run.

How can people reach out to you for a tattoo appointment?

People can reach out to me via Instagram DM: @jessabigelowtattoo I look forward to working with you all!

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