Is Maury Sterling leaving Homeland season 8, & is Max dead?

On this weekend’s new episode of Homeland, the Showtime drama went ahead and pulled out all of the stops … and found a way to leave your jaw on the floor.

So what did we end up seeing here? Think in terms of death — a lot of death. We ended up seeing the execution of Haqqani, which felt largely inevitable just due to where he was and some of the stuff that was happening with him.

Yet, we held out hope for a little while longer that we would find a way to see Max stick around on the series. We just wanted to believe that somehow, he would find a way to be rescued by Carrie and brought out to safety. That didn’t happen, he died, and with that, it marks the end of Maury Sterling’s time on the series.

Losing this character is tough — he’s been around in some form from the very beginning, and his presence meant a lot to Carrie. Yet, at the same exact time she admitted that she took him for granted after his death. He was always around and she never showed enough appreciation for him. He was the ultimate espionage computer whiz. He was exceptional at making sure that there were results in just about every situation, and collaborated with people who did not always acknowledge or celebrate his presence.

Yet, losing Max and Haqqani still weren’t the only big moments within this episode. We also saw Jalal Haqqani do what he could in order to proclaim himself a new leader — the person who seems to be responsible for what happened to President Warner and the President of Afghanistan. The United States government got the wrong Haqqani and with that, they’re in a much more dangerous situation than ever before.

So yea … things are going to be crazy. We’re going to miss Max as a significant part of this show.

What do you think about the events of the latest Homeland episode?

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