Ink Master season 13 episode 12: Angel Rose pardoned after ‘elimination’

Ink Master season 12 episode 6Tonight on Ink Master season 13 episode 12, we got a chance to see one of the more competitive challenges this season. To think, it actually started with team members being somewhat hesitant to call one another out. They wanted to help out their own team members, but did they always help themselves?

This was one of those episodes where all of the contestants found themselves working alone and pushed to the limit to be creative. Every one of their tattoos, after all, would end up being compared to another artist’s rendition!

One of the more interesting themes of this whole evening was that the returning artists actually seemed to struggle more than the newbies. Bob killed it on two different tattoos and got effusive praise for it. Meanwhile, Kelly turned in his best work of the season and Hiram managed to best Angel at an illustration that seemed to be perfectly suited for her.

In our mind, it was either Angel Rose, Frank Ready, or Jimmy Snaz who we were going to be losing tonight … though our gut leaned towards Frank before the judges started to deliberate. He’s one of our favorite people on this show, but he’d also been in danger before and the judges did point out supposed flaws in each of his designs. It was one of the most jam-packed battles that we’ve seen to date.

All three of the veterans, as it turned out, were in the bottom and stuck fighting for their lives. The end result was one of the biggest surprises of the season. Angel, who has routinely been one of the best artists of the season, was eliminated. It felt like she was a lock for the finale!

…Or was she eliminated? That’s the thing. It’s so easy to forget about the pardon twist in the heat of the moment. Oliver Peck pardoned Angel and with that, she still gets to live on and fight another day. We don’t fault the decision at all, since she’s a great artist who just took a big risk, trying to showcase something that was out of her typical comfort zone. It didn’t work in this instance, but if Angel brings what she did the rest of the season moving forward, she could still end up fine.

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