‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4: How Damon, Stefan could handle [spoiler]

“The Vampire Diaries” season 4 introduced one of its first major shockers of the fall on us Thursday night with the surprising death of Connor at the hands of Elena … but this could only just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jaw-dropping moments coming up on this show. There is still the issue of Jeremy seemingly inheriting “the talent” from Connor upon his death, and the idea that there could be a cure out there that would make any one of the characters in Mystic Falls at least reasonably human again.

Since no one knows just yet about what is going on with Jeremy, it is instead going to be this cure that ends up driving people absolutely batty (pun intended, even if these vampires don’t do that). As a matter of fact, executive producer Julie Plec says that what to do with the cure if it turns up will become a heated topic of conversation in the weeks become, perhaps almost as much finding the cure itself:

“[The cure is] going to make our characters ask a lot of questions about themselves… Would they want it? What would they do in order to get it? It’s going to make them realize, ‘Wait a second. Klaus, this immortal hybrid who’s been relatively indestructible, is there somehow a way to suddenly make him destructible?’ There’s going to be a whole lot of questions asked about what could happen if this cure were to be uncovered and who would go to great lengths to make sure, ultimately, it didn’t fall into the wrong hands … this announcement of the cure, at this point in the narrative, is equal to Katherine [wanting] a moonstone, is equal to Damon’s looking for a crystal. It’s just the beginning.”

Personally, we would not expect to see this cure turn up at any point in the near future if it is out there, which it has to be in order to avoid a massive letdown. Instead, what is probably more likely is that we see one clue build to the next, and by the time the cure does show up, every vampire is chomping at the bit to do something with it, regardless of if it is good or evil.

What do you anticipate we are going to be seeing with this cure next?

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