Is Giacomo Gianniotti leaving Grey’s Anatomy? Is DeLuca okay?

DeLucaIs Giacomo Gianniotto leaving Grey’s Anatomy following the events of tonight’s episode? If you checked out the installment, then it’s at least understandable if the thought crossed your mind to a certain extent.

Yet, in the end, we wouldn’t be too worried about Andrew DeLuca’s short-term future. This storyline feels like a part of a larger journey more so than something meant to be a farewell.

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For those of you who didn’t watch the episode, here’s a big part of what happened — DeLuca was convinced that he had seen evidence of human trafficking involving a patient tonight, and was willing to do everything that he could in order to get others to believe him. The problem here, however, was rather simple: Nobody was altogether inclined to do that. Instead, what we ended up seeing was a situation where DeLuca found himself ushered out of the hospital and threatened with his employment. The belief was that he was in the midst of a manic episode, and everyone seems so quick to draw comparisons between what he was going through and his father.

DeLuca confronted Meredith, said some harsh words to her about his feelings (remember, he feels betrayed and is also incredibly insecure at present), and concluded the episode by driving away on a motorcycle. We don’t know what the future holds for him, but we doubt sincerely that it is the end. We’re not even sure he is manic as opposed to just tired and insanely frustrated that nobody is altogether inclined to listen to him. There’s a lot more story here, especially since there are already suspicions at the hospital that maybe DeLuca was right, and everyone involved didn’t spend the proper time to listen to him.

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What do you think the future holds for DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy?

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