Big Brother Canada 8: Kyle Rozendal removed from the game

Kyle RozendalLeading into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 8 episode, we knew that Jamar Lee was gone … but what about Kyle Rozendal?

Let’s just go ahead and share the shocking news: Kyle is also gone from the game, at least per his social-media channels. You can see below via Instagram a message he posted announcing his departure, also noting how he’s interested to see “how they spin” the situation. More answers are probably coming tonight.

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At the time of Jamar’s expulsion from the game, there was a great deal of blowback over how it was handled. Kyle had provoked him into much of the situation that unfolded, and there were complaints about some of Kyle’s prior behavior, as well. We’ll have more answers during the actual episode, so be sure to watch as everything unfolds!

Update: At the start of the exit, show host Arisa Cox confirmed that there were two people who were sent home from the game. It was then clear that we were going to be losing Kyle, and we had to wait and see what the circumstances were.

What was surprising was that Big Brother Canada did not show tonight the entirety of the incident leading to Jamar’s exit … and there were things involved in the exit that were not shown on the live feeds. We just think the whole situation is sad, since this will stick with Jamar outside the game. With Kyle, all production said is that there was a “problematic” pattern of behavior — and once again, there was some footage that did not air on the live feeds that was involved.

Sheldon is eligible to play for HoH again, and we’re left now in a strange position (without an eviction) where we wonder how the game’s going to move forward. We’re left to trust production on everything without any information, but we said when Jamar was ejected that if he should be gone, Kyle also should be gone. They’ve went in this direction and this is where we are.

Update: Kyle has since deleted his Instagram message.

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