‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Daniel Gillies, Ian Somerhalder details

For this new edition of “The Vampire Diaries” season 4 scoop, we are casting the focus down on a pair of notable characters who in some ways couldn’t be more different; and yet, they are each the sort of awesome male vampires that you want to see as much of as humanly possible.

We begin with Elijah, who is in many ways the sort of Original Vampire that you would want to have working on your team. Rather than being prone to going completely off the rails all the time like a certain other pair of characters (see Rebekah and/or Klaus), he’s a pretty smart guy who likes to look before he leaps save for a few minutes of season 2. Sadly, Daniel Gillies has been MIA for most of the season in the present, with our only real sighting of him coming in a flashback sequence featuring some really awkward hair.

Now, some of the reason for Gillies’ absence may be thanks to his work on “Saving Hope” and other projects, but executive producer Julie Plec tells Collider that despite all of his other commitments, we will be seeing much more Elijah this season before events are over:

“[We will return] soon, in that we’re already talking Episode 16 and 17 in the room right now and Elijah’s name is all over the board. The scripts aren’t written yet and the stories aren’t broken yet, but our game plan is to have him come in, as we get closer to the last chapter of the season.”

Meanwhile, let’s turn now to someone who really should just wear a sign around reading “I am bad and I don’t care who knows it”: Damon. He and Stefan have been at odds throughout “The Vampire Diaries” season 4 over how to treat Elena, but Thursday night the two came to some sort of consensus. It’s hard to say if that will continue as they try to uncover the next step to find a cure, but Plec says that this is a dynamic that she loves writing to this day:

“I love when those boys are together and when they’re working on the same team. We will continue to hope and pray that they’ll be able to find those moments with each other, all season long, but there is going to be a lot conspiring against them, as all of the aftershocks of the events of this episode start to do their damage.”

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