Could The Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy finish up their episode orders?

The BlacklistOver the past week or so, we’ve witnessed a whole flurry of announcements related to shows and the current health crisis. The productions of a vast majority of shows on the air, whether it be NCIS, Last Man Standing, Supernatural, The Flash, have been halted indefinitely. There’s no timeline as to when anything will get back to normal, and there is a reasonably good chance that the world may not feel normal for a very long time.

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At the moment, the best thing that we can do is take care, be safe, and then also look towards the new episodes we know that we’re getting. For The Blacklist in particular, we know that there are a number that have already been filmed and still are set to air … and there may be a tiny bit of hope that the remainder could be filmed down the road. With that being said, nothing is 100% official at present. Deadline reports that The Blacklist (which has three and a half episodes left) is one of a small handful of shows still hoping to come back and finish production this season. Grey’s Anatomy is another. Yet, there’s no guarantee that any of this will happen and, from our vantage point, it feels unliekly with the current state of the world.

Of course, we presume it’s possible that some of these shows could go back and film these episodes later this spring and air them into the summer … but what would that mean going into the fall? The shows that probably have the largest question marks around them at the moment are ones like Supernatural and Empire, given that both of them are currently in the midst of their final season. They would certainly like to wrap up their story on their own terms … eventually.

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