‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Damian McGinty hints at return to show

GleeIs “Glee” season 4 about to see Rory Flanagan turn up after a long (and at times confusing) wait? While nothing is confirmed just yet, we have a feeling that fans of Damian McGinty are going to be very pleased about what is coming up later this season.

So what do we know for sure? It’s really a combination of things, but we’ll do our best to list it out for you when it comes to concrete evidence. Remember, though, that this can always change given that Ryan Murphy at one point suggested that we would be seeing Rory again during the Thanksgiving episode, and that idea seems to be more or less dead now.

1. The reports coming out earlier this week suggesting that there would be a character in the Christmas episode that has not been around all season long.

2. Damian’s recent suggestions on Twitter that he is extremely busy at the moment, and he is replying to questions about “Glee” by telling them to “stay tuned.” Back when it was looking like Damian was done on the show, he really was not talking about it at all.

3. The fact that Damian tweeted message beginning with “late night on set.” Unless he is working on another show, this is more or less a dead giveaway.

While we have heard rumors about what could be bringing Damian back to the show, this is one of those things that is really more fun if it is kept a secret. For now, just be happy with the information that is out there … and more will come soon!

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