Is Samantha Morton leaving The Walking Dead, & is Alpha dead?

The Walking Dead season 10 episode 2Is Samantha Morton leaving The Walking Dead following the events of season 10 episode 12 on AMC this weekend? Is Alpha dead and gone for good? These are questions worth wondering and within this article, we’re pleased to hand down some answers.

(Of course, there are some spoilers that lie within this piece from the AMC Premiere stream of the episode. Be sure to read with that in mind.)

After watching this weekend’s episode, we do think we can say this with confidence: Alpha is gone, at least insofar as the character can be in the present. She was killed off close to the end of the episode by Negan, who infiltrated her Whisperers compound and did whatever he could in order to ensure that she was gone. While Negan may have at one point had his own twisted ideology at Sanctuary with the Saviors, we like to think that he’s not exactly the same person. No matter, his thoughts and view on the world were always rather different from what Alpha carries with her.

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In killing Alpha, Negan seems to have done something to satisfy Carol and give her some peace. Yet, did he do this with the explicit hope of satisfying her — or was this just a consequence? Was Carol aware of the plan the whole time? The phrase “took you long enough” suggests that she thought it was possible, though she clearly wasn’t banking on the idea if she knew anything. Otherwise, why would she do everything that she did to prepare to take down Negan herself? These are all questions worth wonderings.

Before we wrap up this piece, though, let’s give some praise to Morton — Alpha is a tough character, but she did a great job of bringing her to life.

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