Is Cole Sprouse leaving Riverdale … and who’s getting arrested?

Cole SprouseWe’re back once more with the latest edition of “is Cole Sprouse leaving Riverdale, a series that is the creation mostly of the writers. Without them introducing so much chaos into the mix, we would have to worry about that at all.

And yet, here we are … worrying about it extensively. One of the reasons for this is simply due to the fact that the show is trying to prolong Jughead’s death as much as necessary. Cole Sprouse has not confirmed anything as of yet … and that’s probably the biggest reason that we think he is going to be back. Think about it like this — if you are Riverdale, why would you give anyone hope? Why make us all collectively suffer, thinking that somehow this character is still out there?

The promo below does give you a sense that next week’s people is going to feature the funeral of Jughead, and beyond just that, you see some key arrests at the same time. All of this does thicken the plot — why wouldn’t anyone figure this out just yet?

We think that if Jughead is somehow still alive, the writers must have conjured up some sort of way to make this work. It’s possible that this is some sort of elaborate, multi-layered plot … but why do this? Why go through so much trouble? We think that in the event something is revealed down the road here, the writers will go back and time in order to explain a lot of this away. We at least hope that they explain a lot of this since otherwise, it’s going to be one of the more befuddling twists that we’ve seen on the show.

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